Borderlands 3 – Performance Patch veröffentlicht

Gearbox hat endlich den versprochenen Performance-Patch für Borderlands 3 veröffentlicht.

Patch 1.02 für Borderlands 3

Schon zum Release hatte Borderlands 3 mit erheblichen Performance-Einbußen zu kämpfen, die sich insbesondere im Splitscreen den Spielern zeigten. Entwickler Gearbox versprach jedoch rasch Abhilfe und veröffentlichte nun einen ersten Patch.

Neben den genannten Framerate-Problemen behebt Gearbox zudem einige Bugs und Glichtes. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes findet ihr nachfolgend:


  • [PC Only] Reduced the amount of texture streaming that was occurring when aiming down sights.
  • Addressed a reported concern where certain users with a lot of people in their friend’s list saw more frequent hitching.
  • Implementing General stability improvements.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Addressed a reported issue where KillaVolt’s Shield Storm attack does not disable the tiles around KillaVolt, resulting in the entire floor being activated (oops).
  • Addressed a potential progression blocker in the mission “Footsteps of Giants”.
  • Addressed a reported issue where Guardian Rank had the potential to become non-functional and/or the player could potentially lose Guardian Rank tokens into the negatives.
  • Modified vending machines so it will now sort items by rarity.
  • Console FOV is now set to 75 by default. This will not affect players who have already started the game.
  • Special prompts for particle text (Tediore guns, “critical”, “immune”) are now properly localized.
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain players experienced where their vehicle’s boost could continue into the next map.
  • Addressed a reported concern with “Porcelain Pipe Bomb” where it set off multiple explosions when colliding with objects.

Quelle: Gearbox

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