Ubisoft – Warum The Division keinen Splitscreen hat

Creative Director Magnus Jansén erklärte warum man sich bei Ubisoft gegen einen Splitscreen im Spiel entschieden hat. Als Hauptgrund nannte er die Natur des Spiels, die darin liegt, dass man nahtlos von Singleplayer zu Multiplayer zu Koop und wieder zurück wechseln kann. Ein Splitscreen würde diese Möglichkeit ausbremsen.

“In your classic splitscreen experience, there is a defined challenge to overcome, whether it be racing a lap around a circuit or completing a mission. But the challenge in The Division is always ongoing; there is always something to do in the open world. There’s a new mission, or new people to group up with, so you never stop playing. So having your co-op friends able to just drop-in, but when they need to go off and do their thing you can continue playing, is good as you are not bound to them. I think that suits The Division. It’s such a constantly ongoing experience, that when tying you to someone else, splitscreen just makes it messy.”

Quelle: Finder.com

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