Metal Gear Solid V – Fan verwandelt Intro in A-Team Intro

YouTube User Nick Hawryluk hat sich die Mühe gemacht und das Intro zu Metal Gear Solid V ein wenig modifiziert. Wer mit der 80er Jahre Serie A-Team vertraut ist wird an seiner Version mit Sicherheit gefallen finden. Er hat sogar eine kleine Story entwickelt wie er an das vermeintliche Originalmaterial herangekommen ist.

Found this VHS in dad’s attic, sorry the transfer looks so blurry. Used to watch as a kid. Anyone else remember this show?

The D-Dogs is an American action-adventure television series, running from 1984 to 1985, about a fictitious former private army who, after being almost completely wiped out by rival company XOF, return nine years later to work again as soldiers of fortune. After two successful seasons, the show was abruptly cancelled due to showrunner Hideo Kojima’s removal from the project.[1] A long-rumored third season was finally confirmed by project staff years later, and can be glimpsed on Youtube in rough form, where much of the story would have been wrapped up.[2] A video game based on the series was released by Konami in September 2015.

Quelle: Youtube (Nick Hawryluk)

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  1. *sehe

  2. Wenn ich das sehen wird es ja nicht so schwer sein die Geschichte von Mgs 5 weiter zu erzählen auch ohne Kojima, davon ab ist Material so wie so noch vorhanden!


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