Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Patch v.1.03 erschienen

Das zum Teil fehlerhafte Spiel Splinter Cell: Blacklist erhält einen Patch, der diese Fehler ausmerzen soll.

Die kompletten Updates lest ihr hier:

Spies vs. Mercs matchmaking across ALL PLATFORMS:

Removed Training Grounds playlist
Removed Hardcore 2v2 playlist
All playlists now available from level 1
Playlists now try to pool players with similar skill-levels
Groups in a party have a bonus to their skill-level

*Increased all ADV explosion damage (sticky camera, frag grenades, drone explosion, proxy mine) so it kills mercs with one armor part equipped.



Money and experience are now automatically saved when the game ends due to host migration
The host’s team is no longer guaranteed to play as Mercs first. The team will be randomly chosen to start as either Spies or Mercs.
Removed Exit Match option during mid-match menus and halftime report.
Made maps-specific changes to prevent spawn-killing in general and spawn-killing by drones specifically.


Split of “Use” and “Attack” actions
Allow controller to work even when window is not in focus
Fix crash on loading screen when disconnecting controller
Fix active sprint toggle


16:10 aspect ratio support (option in video settings for non-letterboxed mode)
Support for 3+ GPUs
Fix for flicking lights on certain multiple GPU setups


Fix bug with mines not always working with NPCs
Fix issue with assault mastery on ghost maps
Fix freezes in certain levels
Fix invisible collision area in certain co-op level
Fix bug where players can get stuck at the end of a certain co-op level
Fix crash when walking on the big pipes
Fix issue where final cutscene may not be correctly visible


Fix black screen when accessing after action report from lobby at certain times
Show hack reset camera in killcam of players
Fix mouse scroll usage on missions settings menu
Fix some instance of incorrect button prompts
Fix for disappearing mouse cursor on changing language settings
Fix issue with cell feed menus
Fix issue where player can get stuck in video settings menu
Fix issue where restart story menu can’t be accessed
Fix problem with selecting challenges and scrolling through list


Fix audio volume in videos


Improved spawn algorithm
Extended drone exclusion radius
Fix issue with drones not getting properly destroyed
Prevent drones getting into spy spawning volume
Anti-RFD helmet no longer blocks torso abilities
Stun duration balancing
Ensure profile and earned money is saved if host quits
Spy loadout gadget quantity balancing
Team assignment balancing
Modified motion tracking
Fix merc invulnerability exploit in certain spot
Fix issue with sticky cam damage
Ensure blocked players can’t join games


Addition of optional automatic HTTP proxy detection
Use minimal system validation on launch
Fix Processor affinity
Fix alt-tab crash in loading screen
General optimisations


Quelle: WD

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